About Us

Precaution is better than cure – Before this COVID-19 pandemic, we all have heard this phrase but haven’t paid much attention to it. But, in today’s time, this single phrase is the exact replica of everyone’s activity.  We interact with a number of people in our work place; get in touch with fellow passengers on the bus or other consumers in the grocery shop. While interacting with them, we don’t know who around you, is infected with this deadly virus. You want to stay protected but don’t know who is infected who is not. What you can do, to keep yourself protected from this threat is to take necessary precautions. Precautions like wearing masks, gloves, face shields, and also sanitizing your hand regularly with a good quality sanitizer.  

We, Precision Medicare, the manufacturer, distributor, importer, and exporter of protective gear are here to help you in winning your battle against this COVID-19 virus. Sanitizer, PPE kits, Face Shield, Face Masks and gloves, everything is available at reasonable prices.  We deliver only the best-in-class quality products to you. You can completely count on us for getting nothing but the best as we are a certified seller of all these protective gear. You can see all our certifications below.